MuYi has no boundaries:

North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania

With MuYi you can pay and collect wherever you are in these currencies: Euros - Dollars - Pounds - Chinese Renminbi - Japanese Yen

Credit cards? No thanks!

MuYi does not use banking or interbank services

If you use MuYi you can throw away the credit cards and the bancomat, you won’t need it anymore.
People use MuYi without any barriers.


It’s enough to pay! No, it’s not a joke.

When purchasing online with MuYi, you do not have to enter data for shipping, you just pay.
MuYi will automatically send the details for the delivery of the purchased product.

MuYi is stable

With MuYi if you deposit 10 € in BTC, it will always rest 10€. Tha value is guaranteed by MuYi!

When you purchase bitcoins and you deposit it on your MUYI account you will not have to worry about market trends.